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Pet Home Health Care

Compassionate & Gentle

Debra Seltzer

Registered Veterinary Technician


“I have a 16-year-old cat with numerous medical conditions and I was nervous about finding a new pet sitter, so I could go out of town. What a relief to find such a caring and skilled individual like Debra Seltzer. She's a registered veterinary technician, so I felt confident about her ability to

administer medications and subcutaneous fluids. When we met to go over Sydney's care, Debra was very punctual, arrived ready to take notes. She did a great job of hearing all my concerns, and making sure that they she understood everything before she left. During my absence, Debra left detailed notes about everything she did and how Sydney was doing, indicating the medications that were given, the food eaten, and attention given. (Debra gives kitty massages!) Debra was very reliable, trustworthy, and extremely kind and gentle with my cat. I will absolutely call her again when I need a pet sitter."

Rachel Lee

"Over the past 15 years, I've had the opportunity to participate in a variety of dog-related activities with Debra. I consider her a kind and thoughtful caregiver of animals and I would completely trust her to care for my dog."

Mardi Richmond, CPDT-KA

"Having Debra come to our home to take care of our aging cat, Cosmo, has been such a find. She gives him fluid injections every three days and is so compassionate and professional. She is punctual so we can always rely on her being here when she says she will, which is really important. I've also had her come by to feed the little ones when we go away for the day. I recommend Debra to anyone who needs a trustworthy, caring and trained animal aid." Gayle Ortiz

"I am a worrier when I need to have someone besides me take care of my dog as she is definitely "family" and not simply a pet. So when I heard about Debra's pet care business I was very excited as I have seen the care she gives her own dogs... which is incredible. Debra took care of my dog during the work day for two weeks when my usual dog-walker was on vacation. This consisted of taking a daily walk, checking her 

for any stray creatures that like to tag along home on her fur (fleas, ticks, stickers, etc.), and then spending some cuddle time with her. Debra left me detailed notes each day and I could tell my dog did beautifully with her because she was so content each evening, as if nothing was different from her usual routine. Debra was very conscientious in attending to my requests and concerns and I would not hesitate for a second to call her again. Debra and I have also had many very helpful discussions about pet nutrition and supplements. She has an amazing amount of knowledge about keeping pets healthy and what products are available. I have used many of her suggestions with great results and have a very happy dog! I highly recommend Debra to help with any pet needs. She clearly loves animals, loves taking care of them, and sensitively understands what can help you and them feel comfortable and joyful."

Liz in Scotts Valley

"Debra Seltzer expertly cared for our 4 cats and numerous freshwater fish while we were vacationing in Australia for 3 weeks. Debra visited twice daily to feed, water and spend time with our animals. After a brief instruction, Debra changed our 4 aquariums using a siphoning technique,         

weekly. Our felines became acquainted over time and will come to her now when they see her walking in the neighborhood. During our time away one of our cats became critically ill, requiring emergency care. Debra, drawing on her professional knowledge and vet tech background, made quick decisions which saved our kitty's life. We are happy to say, he survived his ordeal and is recovering better than expected!

I would recommend Debra to my friends for pet care needs. Debra is now part of our animal's family!"

Donna in Aptos    

"We needed to find a new pet sitter to replace our previous sitter who moved out of state. We found Debra’s website and we couldn't be happier! Debra cared for our two cats while we were out of town for several days. She came to our home twice a day to look after our cats. Debra sent us very sweet, detailed emails after each visit 

describing what had occurred and even sent cute photos of the cats. She took great care of our cats (feeding, combing, lots of play time and attention). It was very nice to know that our cats were under such quality and competent care. This allowed us to relax and enjoy our time away. We will definitely be using her to look after our cats on future trips. We are very happy to have found such an excellent pet sitter and would recommend Debra to anyone in need of pet care!"

Kathy & Mark of Santa Cruz

"I hired Debra to look after my 2 cats, Poppy & June, while I was away for Thanksgiving. She came over a week early to introduce herself to my pets, which really impressed me. Before I left she had me fill out a health care directive, which really helped in making my wishes clear. Then when I was gone she texted me photos of my 

babies with a glowing update. It meant so much to me. I knew my animals were safe and I could trust Debra completely. I will continue to use her services and refer her to my friends fuzzy and otherwise."

Kayla Garnet Rose, PhD, Santa Cruz

"Debra Seltzer is an exceptional pet sitter. During our recent sudden trip to deal with a family emergency, she gave great daily care to our beloved pooch. She provided lengthy reports via texts and phone calls each day to assure us that all was well. Besides feeding, medicating and watering our Chloe, Debra interacted with her and assured her that mommy and daddy would be home soon. She cleaned up poop, 

brought in mail, and even worked with our neighbors and us to resolve minor house problems like a noisy smoke alarm complaining about its battery.

Debra didn't just provide extra special care and communications. When our monster escaped the yard one day, she helped coordinate rescue efforts and rushed to pick up Chloe when she was contained at a local retail shop. Debra truly stepped up to help save our little girl's life.

Debra is an outstanding pet sitter and person. We most highly recommend Debra Seltzer's Pet Home Health Care. She's absolutely 100% awesome."

Richard & Kuby McCarty of Capitola